Living in Survival Mode

There comes a point in our lives when we feel the urge to stop and make some big changes. We feel like are losing part of ourselves bit by bit, we feel drained, emotionally exhausted, and physically overwhelmed. We have become like an empty vessel in desperate need of replenishment. “Why and how has happened to me?” we ask ourselves. “Why is everything so hard?” We feel an overwhelming need to protect ourselves from negative events that inevitably come our way from every direction. We are surviving—but struggling to get through the days and weeks, life feels like a never-ending treadmill that we just can’t get off of.


Either in the blink of an eye or a deep feeling that slowly but forcefully emerges we reach a crisis point or critical event that jolts us into re-evaluating our priorities, with a realisation that things must change. If we are brave enough and dig deep to find the courage to take a look in the mirror and see what we hold deep inside of us, we may notice that we have become fearful of intimacy, lack confidence, feelings of depression, constant anxiety, we have been unable to find a suitable partner or maintain a healthy relationship, body shame, lack of sexual expression, self-destructive and controlling behaviour….the list could go on and on. A deep realisation that you no longer recognise this person, or this is not the person you thought you would grow into.

Taking a Deeper look inside ourselves

The truth is, these symptoms are an indication of blockages —they are drawing our attention to deep held traumas that are stored in the body that we are unable access in a conscious way. Many of these traumas have been accumulated between birth and age seven which created a negative emotion that we simply could not handle. We may also of had some difficulties on our life’s journey that left us frozen or manifested stiffness in the body. As a defence mechanism, our physical body instinctually responded by putting us in to a freeze state just as animals stiffen when they are faced with danger. But still the trauma remains held in some part of the body, waiting to be awakened and released.

Emotional Detox Trauma Release techniques goes directly to the core of the trauma: into the pelvic area. You May be surprised to learn that most of emotional blockages in men are stored in the prostate gland and in women are stored in the G-Spot. That said there can be trauma held in any area of the body and through this therapy it is possible to clear a multitude of deep held trauma from all parts of the energetic body.

Restoring vital Energy Flow

As with any living organism that draws what it needs to survive, plants draw water from the earth and absorbs rays from the sun to grow and thrive. We too need free flowing energy to all parts of our body to survive and heal.
Emotional imprints and upsets can act as a barrier to this free-flowing vital energy which restricts or even completely stops this essential life-giving flow of energy. By working on the body in the location where the emotions are stored and trapped, they can be released, which restores the bodies natural ability to achieve full body orgasm. In men this helps balance elevated testosterone levels to restore balance and calm, dissipate anger and release deep held negative emotions. In women Amrita is liberated. Amrita, also known as female ejaculation, is a sacred liquid that when released, is filled with molecules of stored emotion. Just as the tears in your eyes release emotion, Amrita contains the effluent of hidden emotional blockages in the cells.


Throughout this process, depending on weather you are male or female, you can experience feelings of bliss, deep joy and arousal, release of emotions and the Yoni can release emotion filled Amrita. You will awaken parts of your body that have been numb (which normally cause some level of discomfort initially), through this therapy you can awaken and transform them. But during these sessions, you can also experience a feeling of being in an other worldly heightened state of deep joy and pleasure, which can lead you to an elevated level of awareness which can be particularly beneficial to those following a spiritual path. In the three days following your session, it is possible feel strange or have strong or overwhelming emotions—this is normal. Some people need longer to process fully what has occurred. This is called a “Healing Crisis.” Once the source of blocked emotions is awakened, we need to be kind to ourselves and give the body time to release these emotions fully and give the system time to adapt to the new reality. Because we are all individuals, it is impossible to say exactly how long you will need to start to feel more balanced. It is normal to feel feelings of emptiness or vulnerability. Because we get so used to holding these molecules of emotion in our body, when it moves out of our system, we can feel a tangible emptiness in its place. In some cases it may be necessary to seek medical advice following a session if you feel that you cannot process these emotions.

Continued Support

In the days following your session, your therapist will be on hand via text or WhatsApp should you need any advice, support and reassurance.

Emerging and Evolving

When that pathway of energy at the root is unblocked, all parts of the body can be restored to optimal health. You can rejoice in celebration! Your body is open, receptive, and nourished. A new reality can replace old patterns that no longer serve you. You can share with others your authentic self, feel Inspired, productive, and creative. You can create new reality, new relationships, and new experiences. You can wake up each day feeling relaxed, filled with optimism and ready to embrace all that you are, and look forward to a joyful life. An emotional blockage released from the G-Spot, through Amrita in women and in men from the prostate it is liberated forever. When hate, anger, shame, and guilt are released from your body, what remains is love which is the true essence of who you truly are.

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