Suzanne is a Trauma release, Energetic Kundalini body work Emotional Detox, BLAST practitioner, Soma Breath, and Intimacy Coach
She is the founder of Somasutra school of healing and awakening and has expanded her knowledge and understanding to include Intimacy and connection coaching, as well as other trauma therapies.
Suzanne has over 30 years of experience is various forms of bodywork including holistic, Tantric and Tao bodywork
For as long as I can remember I was aware of something about my energy that separated me from the people around me and always knew that I had healing hands. Throughout my career as a bodywork practitioner, clients would always comment about how much better they felt from my touch.
Growing up I used to feel other people’s physical pain and emotions. My mother told me it was sympathy pain, and I grew up thinking it was normal and was something that every human experienced. It wasn’t until in my 20’s when I became a full-time therapist that I realised that I wasn’t something that every person experienced.
As the years went on this energy and other ESP experiences grew and expanded and I began what would be years of search and study in different healing modalities to find the right fit for my energy.
Finally, after a period of prolonged meditation for several years of looking inward for answers I was contacted by a healer from Greece who later became my first Tantric healing mentor and was able to teach me many aspects of the Kundalini energy that I had been working with through Kundalini awakening. After a year of mentorship, I wanted to deepen my knowledge and skills, which is when I found a training school in London that met all the depths of knowledge and training that I was looking for. Finally, I felt like I had come home and somewhere that understood the depths of what I felt from others and this is where my career as a healer and intimacy coach really began. I have been lucky enough to of worked with several brilliant mentors and energetic body work coaches who understand my energy.
The hands-on and energetic treatments that I offer go deep, and into the very core of a person’s trauma or blockages. Clients come to see me for a variety of reasons, ranging from trauma, grief, fear, spiritual awakening, exploring sensuality, expansion of boundaries to name but a few. I treat both male and female clients and the aim is to enable that person to overcome whatever may be stopping them living in a joyful and happy way and being able live life to the full
Deep held emotions trapped in the body are responsible for many blockages that can lead to health and emotional issues further down the line. This is where this multi-discipline ancient technique can really help release and heal what may even be from as early as birth or from the womb. As unlimited beings we all want to live a beautiful and joyful existence where we can grow and realise our potential to the fullest, where we can love unconditionally with loving boundaries and self-care.
My workshops and sessions are geared towards helping couples and individuals re-connect with both themselves and each other to find a deeper more loving bond, as well as helping both men and woman weather in a relationship or single overcome body shame, taboos and raise awareness of the self.


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